Liam McAlear, Negative Lawyer Reviews

Online Negative Lawyer Liam McAlear Reviews

Toronto lawyer Liam McAlear reviews and negative comments has made me think that those days the law profession criticism is not limited exclusively any more to self assessment by the law society. In other words, lawyers judging lawyers. During the internet area lawyer’s former and current clients can express their negative views freely on blogs and lawyer rating sits. No doubt it makes lawyers nervous. Why not? After all a plumber, carpenter or a dentist can be assessed online and the opinions of former clients benefit the public. What is different about the lawyer? in my opinion nothing. Just because a person decided to study the law and then become a self-employed individual doesn’t mean he/she is going to represent the law nor become a good businessman. Law itself has nothing to do with it. It is just another tool as plumbing or dentistry for self employment.

Lawyers Rating, Liam McAlear review

It seams Liam McAlear, a lawyer of Toronto took his role as a businessman to extreme. Money is the main motive all of us work and that includes lawyers. However, when it becomes a primary objective at all cost without benefiting the client it might lead to the professional disaster and end of the lawyer carrier.

Liam McAlear failed to have his negative review removed

Name: Liam McAlear the lawyer
Liam McAlear negative review is to stay despite lawyer's attempts to remove it for the rating site.

Liam McAlear negative review is to stay despite lawyer’s attempts to remove it for the rating site.

Comment: The site requirement for posting Mr. Liam McAlear negative review has been meat. The only suggestion for Mr. McAlear I may have is to do what he was paid to do. To be clear, my review is not about the lawyer wining or loosing the case. His low rating is about Mr. McAlear not proceeding even with the motion to have the case within reasonable period of time. Informing the client once a year that the affidavit is going to be ready soon and then another year passes is not acceptable on any field including legal representation. He had three years to proceed. Without any clear explanation from Mr. McAlear justifying the delay my patients run out. From 10K he received he send back about 1K. Most of his bill was for receiving emails, disbursements and fees without any explanation what they are for. I my opinion the last two terms are a substitute for term called cheating.

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