hand painted ceramic tiles

Painted Ceramic Tiles

Hand painted ceramic tiles come in limited quantities most of the time unless you are shopping in Mexico. Relatively quickly suppliers can ship large volume of ceramic tiles to any destination worldwide. The reasons are simple. Mexican producers are highly specialized employing a lot of painters. For example there are about two thousand artisans working…

custom copper tables for eat-in kitchen

Custom Copper Kitchen Table

Vast majority of copper tables for eat-in kitchen and dining are made in predefined sizes. If you are shopping for a custom copper table sources are limited. The solution for a small  and extra large kitchen or dining room is purchasing online. Most manufacturers of  custom copper tables are located South of the border. They…

country copper tub

Country Copper Tubs

I like this tub made of copper for its rustic design. I am certain this model is not the most comfortable to use it but the style is intriguing to say the list. This copper tub in my opinion is best suited for country or Spanish hacienda homes. It has hammered surface and slightly polished…

custom water fountains

Custom Water Fountains

There are two type of water fountains for patios, condominium entries and gardens. Wall mount and free standing. You can buy an entire wall water fountain or just a part of it as it shown on the attached photo. In this case the architect created a modern looking design with traditional accent made of Mexican cantera plate.