Hacienda Style Lighting

Forged Iron

Forged iron was used by Spanish in Europe long before their arrival to Americas. Once they did they introduced hacienda style while building their colonial residences, churches and public office buildings. Forged iron lights including wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers and table lamps were big part of the style which was based too the large degree on fifteenth century European designs. Letter Spanish architecture of Mexico and the rest of Latin America involved and become unique in its own. Houses build during that period were large haciendas and they still have a big influence on modern architecture today. Often, contemporary homes have injected Spanish colonial style in their decor mainly by using rustic cantera stone and forged iron hacienda lighting fixtures.

hacienda style forged iron lamps

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One thought on “Hacienda Style Lighting

  1. Hacienda style lighting is perfect to light your house because it is very cute and discreet. Hacienda style goes very well for outdoor and indoor, also it has the right size and color or you can even customize it.


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