custom home improvement kitchen

Using Metal in a Kitchen

Using zinc metal for custom home improvement in a kitchen makes it long lasting without the necessity to upgrade any time soon. At Custom Made shop tabletops, counters and range hood are created. Zinc can appliances and furnishings can be supplied in natural color or dark for more traditional homes. Any range hood can be…

custom made metal cocktop hood

Metal Cocktop Hoods

Custom kitchens during your home improvement project or renovation require unique touch that can be fulfilled with a custom cocktop hood.  It can be prodiced from hammered copper, smooth zinc or wrought iron. All of them regardless metal used for the production can be further customized for finishing and size. They can be supplied as…

custom copper sinks for kitchen and bathroom

Copper Sinks Finishing Options

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen or bathroom installing a brand new copper sinks is a good idea. You can buy any copper sink in all standard sizes or order it custom made. You can further personalize the sink by selecting the most applicable for your home decor finishing. The copper sink can be hammered or…

custom made decorative lamp fixtures

Decorative Lamp Fixtures

One of the most important activities conducted by our company in area of home improvement output is fabrication of decorative lamp fixtures. They are available for sale in custom sizes and all possible shapes, and styles. Usually, it takes us about six weeks to produce a single lamp fixture depending on the decorative design complexity and…

custom made vessel sinks

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks handmade in copper, talavera and stone are available for sale as round, rectangular, oval and square. Vessel sinks can be used for bathrooms in restaurants, bars and residential homes. Some of them are decorative and others are simple style produced in a single color. While ceramic vessel sinks can be painted with custom…

custom copper tables for eat-in kitchen

Custom Copper Kitchen Table

Vast majority of copper tables for eat-in kitchen and dining are made in predefined sizes. If you are shopping for a custom copper table sources are limited. The solution for a small  and extra large kitchen or dining room is purchasing online. Most manufacturers of  custom copper tables are located South of the border. They…

country copper tub

Country Copper Tubs

I like this tub made of copper for its rustic design. I am certain this model is not the most comfortable to use it but the style is intriguing to say the list. This copper tub in my opinion is best suited for country or Spanish hacienda homes. It has hammered surface and slightly polished…

custom water fountains

Custom Water Fountains

There are two type of water fountains for patios, condominium entries and gardens. Wall mount and free standing. You can buy an entire wall water fountain or just a part of it as it shown on the attached photo. In this case the architect created a modern looking design with traditional accent made of Mexican cantera plate.