Talavera Tiles

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Talavera tiles are handcrafted in Mexico as 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6. Other sizes even though rare are also available but a variety of designs is limited. Hand crafted talavera tiles are use for many indoor and outdoor home improvement projects. They can be installed on stairs, kitchen backsplash and bathroom…

Wrought Iron Wall Decorations

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It is a beautiful example of wrought iron wall decorations handcrafted in Texas style. An iron frame with some ornaments including Texas star were first hand forged and then made it rusted. Most likely, this wall iron decor creator used acid and water to accelerate oxidation process making it quite…

custom home improvement kitchen

Using Metal in a Kitchen

Using zinc metal for custom home improvement in a kitchen makes it long lasting without the necessity to upgrade any time soon. At Custom Made shop tabletops, counters and range hood are created. Zinc can appliances and furnishings can be supplied in natural color or dark for more traditional homes. Any range hood can be…

Forged Iron Illumination Fixtures

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Forged iron lamps and chandeliers are great for rustic interior illumination while converting a room into Spanish style hacienda. Some designs include a lot of elements and others are simple. Making a basic chandelier out of hand forged iron doesn’t mean it is going automatically loose its colonial hacienda character.…

Hacienda Style Lighting

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Forged iron was used by Spanish in Europe long before their arrival to Americas. Once they did they introduced hacienda style while building their colonial residences, churches and public office buildings. Forged iron lights including wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers and table lamps were big part of the style which was…

kitchen renovation metal range hood

Upgrading Kitchen Project

While upgrading kitchen think about iron range hoods. They are priced competitively and can be used in all design setings. Metal range hoods were used sucessfuly for upgrading traditional as well as ultra modern homes. Since the are custom made, any model can be made for small psaces or ovesized kitchens.

custom made metal cocktop hood

Metal Cocktop Hoods

Custom kitchens during your home improvement project or renovation require unique touch that can be fulfilled with a custom cocktop hood.  It can be prodiced from hammered copper, smooth zinc or wrought iron. All of them regardless metal used for the production can be further customized for finishing and size. They can be supplied as…